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Studio K, buying Coins in Richmond, Va
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Studio-K by Kambourian Jewelers Buys Coins and Coin Collections!


Why It's A Good Time To Sell:
The gold and silver markets are higher than they have been since 1980's. With gold in the $1100-1200 dollar range and silver $15-$18 range, the price of your coins has increased considerably. However this inflated gold and silver price will not last forever and like the housing market and the tech markets before that, the bubble is going to burst.
This is why it is the right time to sell. People that are selling off their gold and silver collections are selling at the market's peak. The natural price for an ounce of gold is about $350 and a silver ounce is $4.45.Richmond,VA 3317 w Cary street, studio k, kambourian,we pay cash for gold coins. free estimates, call,804-254-gold,haig kambourian buying gold and coins since 1966..
How We Buy Coins:
We can buy just one coin, or an entire collection of coins. The best part about selling your coins at Studio K  is that we show you how we come to our price. We don't go through your whole collection in a few minutes and say what we are willing to pay. We will show you in books and other coin guides the true value of your coins. We will also show you the re-sale value of your coins. Once we are done we give you our estimates and you are under no obligation to sell us your collection. We will put our offer in writing so you can shop around for the best price. We will honor our offer when you come back. Our coin evaluations are always free of charge. You will feel confident that you know the true value of your coin collection when its time to sell.

Sell Gold Los Angeles, CA and get paid east coast prices.