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Don't lose hundreds of dollars by selling your gold to a jeweler that will not tell you the price they are paying per PENNYWEIGHT or GRAM. 

It's your right to know.  If they won't tell you then you're not getting paid enough!

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The amount that a jeweler or pawn broker gets paid by the refiner after fees and assay charges is 92 - 96% of the full value of the gold. gold calculator, valu of gold value of gold gold calculator gold calculator gold calcuator


  Our gold calculator will show you the dollar amount that a jeweler will get paid for the gold they buy from you.  It is fair to assume you will be paid a percentage of the dollar amount that the calculator gives you. We are paying 70 to 90 percent of market value to our customers over the counter based on the amount of gold you have. Most gold buyers pay 30 to 50% of market value. This means that there is often a 50% difference in what you will get paid for your gold depending on where you go.  Studio K consistently pays the highest for scrap gold. h

"Spot" is the market value of 24 Karat (pure) gold. Our calculator breaks down the individual karat price in Grams, Pennyweights and Ounces* at 96% of the Spot value. If you know the karat and weight of your Gold simply use our calculator to see how much your gold is worth. enter the "spot" price of gold located above the calculator.  Please keep in mind the approximate 20%  we retain after refining fees is not in profit, rather this percentage factors in to our ability to provide this service, the labor and cost of testing equipment, inaccuracies in gold content, and gold stock price fluctuations.   
he true value of my gold. how much is 14k gold worth what is my gold worth. what is the true value of my gold. how much is 14k gold worth what is my gold worth. what is the true value of my gold. how much is 14k gold worth what is my gold worth. what is the true                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
* If you are using a kitchen scale to weigh your jewelry make sure that you select *grams* as your unit of measure on our calculator. If you have any questions about how to use this calculator, or would like for us to walk you through the steps please give us a call and we will gladly help you!  (804) 254-4653. value of my gold. how much is 14k gold worth what is my gold worth. what is the true value of my gold. how much is 14k gold worth | Studio K, By Kambourian Jewelers | We by gold, silver, and diamond in Richmond, VA since 1966 Silver and Gold Value Calculator

To use this calculator you will need:

  • Weight of your gold or silver item.
  • Grade or purity of your item.
  • Current market price in troy ounces of pure gold or silver.


Units: Gram
Dwt (pennyweight)
Troy Ounce
Av Ounce
(standard ounce)
Metal: Gold
9K Gold
10K Gold
14K Gold
18K Gold
22K Gold
24K Gold
0.800 Silver
0.925 Silver
0.999 Silver
Price /Troy Oz (pure): Gold Prices | Silver Prices

Gold Conversion Example

Here is an example of how the calculator works on a gold conversion.

If you have 34.6 grams of 14 karat gold it first converts the grams into troy ounces.
34.6 grams x 0.0321507466 = 1.1124142 troy ounces

Then it multiplies the troy ounces by the purity. For 14 karat gold it multiplies by 0.5824
1.1124142 x 0.5824 = 0.64787

Next it takes this number and multiples by the market price of gold. This price changes daily, for this example we will use $1,016 per troy ounce.
0.64787 x 1016 = 658.24

A 6% refining fee is then applied. So, $618.74 is the dollar amount of the market value of your gold.


We Buy from Jewelers, Pawn Brokers, and Gold Buyers. If you are in the trade please create an account here and take advantage of our long list of services.

Our goal is to service jewelers, pawn brokers, and gold exchanges in the most efficient, transparent way possible. Our priority is to provide them with the highest level of customer service, and consistent reliable results. This means up-to-the minute market values, and easy-to-use calculators that allow you to lock in any amount of gold with NO minimums online. 

(The ability to lock in any amount large or small guarantees profit and protects margins against sudden market drops.) 

Our market charts, which provide both pennyweights and grams weight values, are updated by the minute, meaning you have the latest information that you need at your fingertips. Our wholesale scrap calculator allows you to calculate values instantly, set contracts, and can be used for buying tool as well as a selling tool. We always have someone who can answer questions about items you would like to buy but are unsure what to pay, or the full value of the item in question. 

We offer 100% same day payments in cash, check, bank wire, and certified check payments. Ask about our casting service, and diamond memo program.


At Studio K, we weigh your gold and silver items in Pennyweights (DWT)  1 DWT = 1/20th of an OZ, however, the end price is the same regardless of the units of measurement used.  

We Buy Gold and Silver In Any Condition.
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Do not sell your unwanted gold and silver to jewelry stores and pawn shops. Pawn brokers only pay $3-8 per DWT(pennyweight) or $2.50 per gram. Jewelers only pay $12-$18. Don't lose hundreds of dollars dealing with pawn shops and retail jewelers. We pay $20-$65 per pennyweight based on gold content. We will pay a fair price for your broken or unwanted gold jewelry. We will tell you what your jewelry is worth, and pay in cash on the spot, with no pressure to sell. If you decide not to sell to Studio-K  we will put our offer in writing. Shop around, we will honor the price when you come back (barring any fluctuations in the gold market.)
Sell Gold Los Angeles, CA and get paid east coast prices. 

Studio K in Carytown: 804-254-GOLD