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Why It's Important To Recycle Your Gold and silver.
The benefit is you get paid hundreds more for recycling rather then refining.
When you recycle your gold and silver we recast it into new jewelry without removing the alloys. This is better for the environment, and it is a simple process that involves no chemicals, no mining, and no waist. When you refine your gold it is put in a harsh chemical bath that is electrified. The result is a mud like substance that is then filtered through a series of screens. The impurities left over are then burned off. The end result is 24kt gold. The 24kt gold is then re-alloyed back into 10k, 14k, 18k, 20k, and 22k. Alloys such as nickle, copper, and a long list of others are like gold in that they have to be pulled from the earth destroying tons to retrieve just a few ounces. This creates untold damage and pollution that cannot be reversed. 



Silver flatware, we often use old flatware to cast new jewelry with. Flatware is almost always solder free, and easy to cast. The flatware you see in the picture will be cut into small pieces about 6x6 mm to 8x8 mm. this will allow the metal to melt faster, heat evenly, and most important melt all at the same time.

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