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Sell Gold Los Angeles, CA and get paid east coast prices. 

Now Los Angeles, CA can sell gold and silver and get paid east coast prices. In LA Pawn Brokers, Jewelers, and Gold Buying shops are required by law to hold gold and silver for more than 30 days! This law works against the consumers of Los Angeles, CA because in inhibits the dealer purchasing the gold or silver. Gold Buyers in Los Angeles, CA typically have a profit margin of 70% - 50% not because they are unfair, but because they have to protect themselves from the volatility in the gold market. The gold market has and can lose $200 - $300 in two weeks time, brokers in Los Angeles, CA  have a large margin of profit to protect themselves from against losses.


Check out our calculator and see the full value of your gold. Once you have determined the full Value of your gold or silver reduce the price by 10% and thats how much we will pay for your gold.

Call around Los Angelese, CA and price your Items. Then Call 804-254-4653 and we will quote you over the phone and pay the shipping and handling on your package.  


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All payments are made same day you package is received. 

Sell Gold Los Angeles, CA and get paid east coast prices. Call 804-254-4653 for a over the phone quote.